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Dr. Kris Sornberger is an avid adventure cyclist, outdoor athlete. His Osteopathic Medical Practice is focused on the care of the total person with an emphasis on the athlete in all of us. 

Whether you are a bicyclist, horse back rider, runner, walker, yoga master, skier, hiker, rock climber, pickle ball player or swimmer osteopathic medicine can help you.

If you are person who builds rock walls at home and now your shoulder joints hurt; or you drive a truck 11 hours per day and now your back aches; or you row a sculling boat 8 months of the year and your hip joints ache; or you are a vigorous pickle ball player and your wrist joints ache, Osteopathic Medicine can help you.

Wear and tear happens. Injuries happen. Figure out a way to let the body heal itself before you do something more medically invasive.

Dr. Sornberger knows what is it like to suffer knee injuries, shoulder injuries, back strain and pain, and hip problems, among other ailments and dysfunctions.  Before you go under the knife with a surgeon to maybe get these problems fixed, make an appointment to see Dr. Sornberger.  Before you get a cortisone shot, another type of needle-injection, see Dr. Sornberger.  Before you take lots of different medicines, see Dr. Sornberger.

Osteopathic Medicine is a way to avoid surgery.  A way to let the body heal itself.  The body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism.  Given the opportunity and sufficient time, the body will heal itself and return itself to normal function.   Form and Function are interrelated.  With normal form you will have normal Function.

Surgery can be nothing more than organized trauma to the body.  Surgery has the ability to make a person worse.   With some surgeries you are merely trading one problem for another and you will end up worse afterward.  Surgery only limits the ability of the body to eventually heal itself.  Many bone and joint surgeries success rates, depending on who is the operator, are as dismal as 50%.  Those are terrible odds.  Nobody should get a surgery if they truly knew that the odds were 50/50 that they would get better or get worse.

Dr. Kris Sornberger Osteopathic Healthcare in Bangor. Form and Function Medicine  specializes  in Osteopathy and Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy (OMT) and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine.